Woodpiles and Fresh Laundry

Woodpiles and Fresh Laundry

 Come on in and let's talk about this laundry/mud room because it's the thing I get asked most about. I mean - a lot of people wouldn't even know me if it weren't for this space! Ha!

The room clearly has multiple identities. It's a mudroom with an entrance off our deck on the back side of our house. It's also happens to be where we do laundry. And BEST of all it's a cozy spot to sit by the toasty fire. 

For over a decade since we moved in the room was a junk room.  A seriously embarrassing junk room. No foundation. No heat. Total trash collector. The wood paneled walls were peeling off.  There were bare electrical wires sticking out of the walls.  One of the windows had a screen (it was ripped.)  It even came with faux beams made of styrofoam. So beautiful.

We decided we needed to add a door and make it an entrance to spare the poor kitchen from immediately turning into a freezer when we came in through the kitchen door.  It was a pretty good size room though so I really dreamed about bringing the laundry in there too so I wouldn't have to brave the dungeon anymore. The room definitely needed heat so this was our opportunity for a wood stove. Yay! And you know if there's a wood stove there has to be a spot to sit. So there ya go... we squeezed it all in! 

We hired help for this project because it was a big one.  Our design plan was to take out the ceiling and vault it up which made such a difference. I knew I wanted board and batten for the walls. We did a lot of thinking on the floor and ended up going with gray slate tiles- and radiant floor heat for the days that need some heat but not necessarily a blazing fire. 

Next up was floor to ceiling built in storage and a double utility sink (restaurant supply houses online, great place for stuff like this.) There's usually a couple buckets of clothes soaking in the sink. I made a drop cloth curtain to hide buckets and laundry detergent under the sink. 

We brought a cabinet in for storage and it houses a lot of kitchen overflow (as you can see, a lot of coffee gear) which is very helpful as we are about to begin a kitchen renovation. 

A beat up old postal cabinet I found at a yard sale was the perfect fit in this corner. The cute vintage wall drying rack I found on Ebay. 

I initially envisioned shelves above the counter but I didn't realize how high the counter actually was and the machines are really deep. A person of my size would never be able to reach the shelves. HAHA!  So I stuck a mirror there which is typically my answer to everything. I love that you can see the vintage green pendant in the reflection. 

Oh, and the rolling laundry basket. That was left in the dungeon by the previous owners. Silly, silly people.  

So this is it. My favorite spot.  I'm still amazed that it went from the dreaded junk room to the best seat in the house!

Thanks for looking! 

* colors - Benjamin Moore swiss coffee and Gettysburg gray 

* wood stove - Vermont Castings

* white sconce above sink - Rejuvenation 

* striped rug - HomeGoods 

Feb 19, 2018

I just love what you shared! We have a very similar room but it’s a sunroom/storage room and we are converting it into a mud room/sunroom with a wood stove and need to vault the ceiling as well because previous owners were 5ft3 and made the eikingns only 5ft8! Agh! Ha ha. You’re giving me hope! XxMelissa

Melissa Clark
Feb 18, 2018

Thank you Sherry! It’s a little bit of everything and we love it!

Feb 18, 2018

I can see why people love this room. Just shows functional can be beautiful

Feb 18, 2018

Love this laundry/mud room! And loved your post! Well written , informative, and enjoyable! Blogging is a time consuming job! My daughter Megan spends countless hours on her blog pinebarrenbeauty and IG. I take most of her photos so I know there is a lot involved in creating a good blog! You’re off to a good start! Much luck and success! ?

Karen Deanley
Feb 18, 2018

I love your laundry room! Is there just one chair so you can escape and have peace and quiet? I have 13 children, youngest is now 13 and I am ready to downsize to a home that I really love. We have 4500 sq ft, 6 bedrooms. So it’s more functional for a large family, but now I want cozy.


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