So it begins..

So it begins..

Welcome to a new chapter to my tiny, little life here.  This year a few new things happened that had me wondering where I should be. Two things in particular...

I turned 40 (eek!) and my youngest girly started kindergarten.

WAAAAH!!! It all hit me a little harder than I was expecting and I started to have an identity crisis. Who am I?!?

I was getting all the questions like...

What are you going to do with all your time?

Are you going to go to work?

How will you function without little people?

I don’t know!!!

It’s been 7 years since I had a “real” job and I really have no desire to do that again. And to be honest, the day goes quick! You'd think my house would be clean and organized but it's not...even if it appears that way on Instagram.

I'm, uh, not sure I even know how to interact with adults properly anymore.

I’ve sold things that I've sewn here and there for the past couple years. It keeps me busy and allows me to get some beautiful fabrics into the house. I decided that in order to make me officially feel like I was working that I would start a website and make it more "real." I'm trying to find myself here!!! 

So, if you've come here from Instagram then you've probably noticed I keep on the quiet side. You probably don't really know much about me but maybe that's about to change...  

Feb 21, 2018

Looking good! How did my baby sister end up with all the talent?? :) Best of luck in your new venture.
You’re the best!

Feb 08, 2018

Tina! I’m SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!! This is a beautiful website … so inviting, calming and wonderful! YOU, my friend, are an amazing and beautiful soul! Praying many blessings over you and your newest endeavor!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us… cause YOU are incredible??

Sarah Barber

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